Monday, February 13, 2012

Psychological and Political Type

Personal Assessment

How you measured up:

Big Government
Small Government
Narrow Focus
Wide Focus


Narrow Focus
Wide Focus

Highest ranking dimension: Individualist

You believe in the right of an individual to "be themself" in thought and deeds. You may have felt that what the country really needs is a politician with the nerve to tell people when it comes to controlling others, they should mind their own business. This may be because you enjoy a diversity of experiences and don't get offended easily.
It may also be because you've seen people be persecuted.
Others may disagree with you because they feel a right to protect what they see as community values.
When politicians of your type make mistakes it is often because they underestimate people's need for stability and safety.

Second highest ranking dimension: Big Government

You believe in the power of government to make life better. You may have felt that what the country really needs is for the government to get serious about the many problems that people face. This may be because you have seen the system break down and know people who have fallen through the cracks. It may also be because you feel that our society is at risk our communities need better protection from internal and external dangers. Others may disagree with you because they are focused on what government does wrong, rather than what it does right. When politicians of your type make mistakes it is often because they create programs that solve one problem but create others.

Combined statement:

Based on your answers, the best state for you is one where people's basic needs are well looked after and people are free to pursue creative and fulfilling lives.

DBILN - American Liberal

this is one of the political personality types of the PPQ

Description Dimensions

This personality type combines these five perspectives: democrat, big state, individualist, idealist, narrow focus

Likes and dislikes

Philosophy: Liberal Democrat Socialist? Independence Democrat Communitarian Democrat? Corporatist Statist Libertarian Social conservatism

Issues to visit: 

for: social security?, civil rights, free trade, public education, separation of church and state, public health care, homeland security?, same-sex marriage against: arms trade, electoral fraud?, tax reform (please add/remove an issue)

Famous American Liberals

Bill Clinton Susan Sarandon

I basically agree with the above:  the government is the last stand for the undefended (despite the fact that the government is far too often the persecutor to begin with) but through transparency those abuses can be exposed and remedied.  The environment has no natural defenders, and therefore it must be the government that defends it.  In addition, there's no such thing as a "libertarian environment" because the CO2 I exhale doesn't stay with me. 

Things that we call "socialist" - government paying for education, health care, housing and food - are not all equal.  I learned from a friend once:  if you pay for someone's education and health care (especially mental health), you don't have to pay for their rent and food - they'll be employable.  Student loans don't count!  They're bigger than mortgages now.

Otherwise, I'm in every way the world's first extreme moderate.

My criticisms thus far?  While they label the poles (auto/democratic, wide/narrow focus, big/small government, collectivist/individualist, and the ones that don't intersect) they don't label or describe the quadrants.  What does it mean to be big government and individualist at the same time - is that liberal?  What does narrow focus mean?  That I believe the only role of government is to defend people and the environment?  There are 6 dimensions here, and they don't intersect.

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