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Society of Super-Heroes Earth-2 Legion

Okay, a collection of all of the ideas presented thus far:

(and I decided to post this today so that George has some positive Legion
thoughts today after his reading Legion #30)

Possible name:  Society of Super-Heroes

JSA Technology:
- Cosmic Energy (Starman)
- 9th Metal (Hawkman) (for flight rings)
- Miralco
- Ultra Man’s suspended animation foam
- Immortality Vitamin from the Amazons

Retro-futurism with tech:
- Rocket packs (for propulsion)
- Mechanical technology
- Aasimovian Atomic Energy
- Magitech ( a result of the Homo Magi never leaving earth)
- Other strange Amazonian technology (telepathy globe? What was it called?)
- Purple Ray
- Black Light (Phantom Lady)


·   Many hidden races on Earth “come out” along with other Secret Societies and JSA Bloodlines, prompting a Diaspora from Earth to planets within our Solar System and nearby stellar neighbors.

·    Gotham, because of the influence of many JSA natives, is more significant in this 30th century.

Team-wide considerations:

·         Not restricted by artificial powers?
·         No restriction on married teammates, but actually encouraged?

Possible cast of characters:  (both hero and villain)

     Power Girl:  Earth-2’s Supergirl, and perhaps the core inspiration behind the Society of Super-Heroes.
Halk Kar: a 20th century native of Thoron. He is the Mon-El analogue, with powers similar to Superman’s, but not as strong.

Shining Knight: Sir Justin of Ancient Camelot and WWII, known to have
been sent to the 35th century (3450), being sent there by an addled Merlin
rather than the intended 1950. [Adventure #159]

Ultra Boy: (great- ^n) grandchild of Gary Concord Ultra Man (1950 - 2239) and Gary Concord Jr. (2214)

Star Boy: Ted Knight’s or Sylvester Pemberton’s descendent, who possibly
works in symbiosis with a descendent of the Earth 2 Starro (and possibly
permanently fused to his face)

Venus Girl: An Amazonian representative from Venus.

Sympath, an alien empath from the same world as the alien who stole part
of Robin’s life essence in an old “Worlds Finest” story. (Can create virtual personalities of people it has met.

(Try to imagine a Rogue variant who’s a large, obese looking alien with tentacles.)

Starheart: descendent of Green Lantern/Jade/Obsidian, magically based,
and Asian in descent (Dragonmage). Is there a connection to the Emerald Eye?

Hawkboy and Hawkgirl: Feitherian descendents
     one with avian telepathy,
     one as a shape changer.

Chemical King: test tube/chemistry set scientific type

Homo Magi descendent

Degaton 5: descendant of Per Degaton, possibly with natural time manipulation powers.

Vandal Savage: still alive?

Thunderbolt: descendent of Jay Garrick

BEM: Bug Eyed Monster (Gates?)

Charma: an exiled Amazonian with empathic ability to control men and instill hatred in women.

Apollo: an exiled Amazonian male with empathic ability to control women.

Monkey Boy: an intelligent simian

Atlantean descendant


What role does RJ Brande play in this version?  What makes him rich in this universe?
Possibly at first, prompting the SSH? Is racism and isolationism more or less prevalent in this version?
 A Legionnaire that embodies an ‘obscure’ socio-political though, like Communism, Fascism, Ghibellinism, Albigensian, or other?

Does the Earth-2 Legion embody a 1000 year allegorical parallel
heroically, sociologically, or serially?


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